Shipping and handling

Fine art prints can be shipped securely almost anywhere in the world. The finished prints are rolled after they are allowed to dry properly and put into rigid cardboard mailing tubes for delivery.



The shipping method described above is very secure. In the unlikely event that the print is nonetheless damaged in any way when received, please contact for a replacement free of charge.


Delivery times & pricing

Depending on the specific destination, the delivery typically takes up to a couple of weeks within Europe and up to a month worldwide. 

For pricing, see the table below. 

Option Countries Cost (calculated automatically in cart)
Domestic shipping Finland (incl. Åland Islands) 5,90 € (~ $7.50)
Shipping to Zone 1 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg 19,90 € (~ $25)
Shipping to Zone 2 Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, France, Romania 29,90 € (~ $37)
Shipping to Zone 3 Others 39,90 € (~ $50)